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Overseas Landlords

We can help you lower costs and maximise income

Our Experience

Silverlight Realty boasts extensive expertise in collaborating with overseas Landlords vested in UK buy-to-let ventures. With an established track record spanning over a decade, our profound experience empowers us to not only curtail expenses and optimize revenue but also to furnish invaluable advice concerning taxation and financial strategies. Our goal is to ensure your asset realizes its maximum potential.

Our operational reach extends to numerous landlords throughout South Asia and the Middle East. We maintain robust affiliations with Singapore and the UAE, where we proficiently oversee a multitude of individuals who possess London-based buy-to-let investments.

Our consultancy encompasses a comprehensive spectrum, encompassing evaluation of your existing portfolio and the seamless assumption of property management responsibilities. Furthermore, we’re equipped to introduce buy-to-let prospects, complete with the option of connecting you to financial packages that circumvent the necessity of a UK presence for qualification.

Should you be contemplating engaging our services, we extend an invitation for a complimentary portfolio review. This initiative is designed to extract the utmost potential from your earnings. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch, as we’re eager to offer our assistance.

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Tracking the market

We’re immersed in London’s live property market and can ensure you’re achieving the  highest fair rent for your property, but we can also advise on property outside of London.  

Boosting income

Where there is potential to add value to a property through use of space or upgrading  facilities, we will identify it as part of the portfolio review process to help you earn more  from your asset.

Reviewing costs

From over the top management and letting fees to unnecessary contractor call-out fees, we  review expenditure on your property and build you a more structured and reliable financial  plan.